Veterinary Referrals: What You Need to Know

Cat at veterinarianOver the years, you’ve come to know and trust your veterinarian, so it’s natural to be a little apprehensive when the word “referral” enters the conversation.

Referrals are becoming more and more common as we in the industry learn and make new discoveries. Veterinary medicine is evolving so quickly, it’s impossible for one veterinarian to be an expert in every field, so general veterinarians rely on referring patients to specialists to ensure your pet receives specific care. So, what do you need to know in case your pet is ever referred?

Why Veterinary Referrals are Important

A referral is the act of one veterinarian transferring the care of a patient to a different veterinarian. Many times, the new veterinarian is someone who has extra training or experience in a specific field of medicine. Continue…