Recognizing and Treating Pet Pain

These days veterinarians and animal hospitals are not only better at recognizing pain in our four-legged friends, but we’re better able to prevent and manage it on an everyday basis. Join Berks Animal Emergency & Referral Center during the month of September – Pet Pain Awareness Month – to learn more about how we are reducing and preventing any pain that your fur baby may experience.

The Root of the Issue

There are many hidden causes that can lead to pain in pets, some which can be very difficult to recognize. Shorter-lived and sudden acute pain often occurs after an injury or a surgery. Long-term, or chronic pain can be the result of conditions such as osteoarthritis or systemic illness.

We’re continuously learning about how pain can dramatically affect a pet’s quality of life. We know that it also impacts physiological processes, such as healing. As advocates for our pets, it’s also important that we understand how to effectively identify and address the possibility of pain our pets may be experiencing.