Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center: At Your Service!

animal emergencyThere are certain situations that can make even the most stoic pet owner’s blood run cold, like the sudden need for emergency services for your pet, or the growing realization that he or she may have a serious medical condition. Although no one wants to find themselves in either of these positions, knowing that there’s a place where you can bring your pet to receive the best in emergency or specialty care can offer significant peace of mind.

You can find both 24/7 emergency care and top-of-the-line specialty services at Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center. Our mission is to provide exceptional care for your pet and outstanding service to you and to your primary care veterinarian.


Is it Urgent? Recognizing the Signs of a Pet Emergency

Imagine you’re out strolling with your dog and suddenly, another dog runs up and attacks! You and your pet escape without any major scrapes, but you notice your dog has some surface wounds. Is this an urgent situation?

Another scenario: you wake up to the sound of your cat retching for the fourth time that night. Is this a pet emergency? What if you suspect your curious puppy has ingested your daughter’s lunch, which had some grapes on the side…how do you handle the situation?

Sometimes, it’s tough to know when a pet might need urgent veterinary care, and when time is of the essence, second-guessing can waste precious moments. To help every owner be more prepared for any situation, the team at Berks offers up some tips on what to do during a potential pet emergency.


The Differences Between Preventative and Emergency Pet Care

berks-iStock_000022610052_Large (3)If you are like most pet owners, you view veterinary care as routine wellness exams. With our ever-expanding knowledge base in veterinary medicine, this simply isn’t the case. Just like you wouldn’t take a trip to the emergency room for your annual check-up or expect your dermatologist to mend a broken bone, veterinary specialists’ expertise lies in their specific realm of study.

An important area of distinction in veterinary medicine is the difference between preventative and emergency veterinary pet care. These very different, yet equally important, aspects of veterinary medicine are important for the pet owner to understand. Continue…