Prevention: The Simple Truth About Pet Wellness

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In their first year or so, pets visit the vet more often to establish overall wellness. They are vaccinated to prevent disease, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and given medication to guard against internal and external parasites. The resulting picture of absolute health can make it seem unnecessary to keep up with routine pet wellness exams. But the best time to take your pet to the vet is when they are feeling their best. Why? Because pet wellness hinges on prevention.

Just Like Us

The foundation of overall, lifelong pet wellness is initiated in the first years of an animal’s life. Just as we commit to annual physicals or dental cleanings, pets need regular attention. Without this proactive approach, health issues can gain a foothold and threaten longevity and quality of life.

Given the opportunity to record normal, or baseline, values, your pet’s veterinarian can track any changes in the future that can lead to early diagnosis – and a better outcome. Continue…

The Differences Between Preventative and Emergency Pet Care

berks-iStock_000022610052_Large (3)If you are like most pet owners, you view veterinary care as routine wellness exams. With our ever-expanding knowledge base in veterinary medicine, this simply isn’t the case. Just like you wouldn’t take a trip to the emergency room for your annual check-up or expect your dermatologist to mend a broken bone, veterinary specialists’ expertise lies in their specific realm of study.

An important area of distinction in veterinary medicine is the difference between preventative and emergency veterinary pet care. These very different, yet equally important, aspects of veterinary medicine are important for the pet owner to understand. Continue…