Without Halloween Pet Safety, Fright Night Can Be Terrifying

dog with costume

Between costumes, candy, and decor Americans spend billions (yes, billions) of dollars on Halloween every year. With pet culture gaining in popularity, it’s estimated that pet owners spend over $400 million on pet costumes alone. Depending on where you stand, this can seem a bit excessive. Until, that is, you see an adorable little Chihuahua all gussied up, or a cat strutting their stuff outfitted like a diva. 

Pets who enjoy playing dress-up are the exceptions, but with attention to Halloween pet safety, you too can achieve some truly memorable moments. 

Speaking of Pet Costumes

Pet costumes may be all the rage, but they do present certain hazards to animals. Even if a costume is specifically designed for pets, owners should approach dressing them up with consideration and sensitivity. Lots of pets simply don’t like the way costumes feel and will try to scrunch themselves out if it which can result in entrapment or suffocation.

Costumes may also have removable parts, dangling accessories, and more that can lead to choking or GI obstruction.

Watch for Signs of Stress

You might get a couple of pictures of them dressed up, but if your pet shows any signs of stress, discomfort, or anxiety remove their outfit immediately. Instead, dress them in a festive bow tie or bandana, and be sure to give them lots of praise for being a good sport.

Candy is Dandy, but…

It wouldn’t be Halloween without the treats. Chocolate is the most famous culprit behind Halloween pet poisonings, but there are other risks of candy, too. Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, can be found in sugar-free candy or gum (as well as baked goods and peanut butter). 

Even discarded candy wrappers can get inadvertently consumed in a candy sampling, exposing pets to serious illness and injury. Avoid a pet emergency caused by candy consumption by reducing or eliminating their chances of finding any candy in the house. 

While trick or treating or attending events, watch your pet closely and be sure they mind commands like “leave it”.

Decor and More

Sure, Halloween is supposed to be frightening, but our pets don’t know that certain harm isn’t coming to them from animated displays, light up pumpkins, and other festive decorations. A simple approach to Halloween pet safety includes keeping your pet away from jack-o’-lanterns, string lights, and glow sticks. 

Manageable Halloween Pet Safety

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do to uphold Halloween pet safety is to ensure they cannot escape when frightened. Many pets are prone to stress and agitation with a constantly ringing doorbell and scary, confusing costumes. Keep your pet away from the front door. A quiet room with all of their creature comforts and some companionship should do the trick.

Other pets can’t resist being in the mix. Be sure that they are wearing their collar and ID tags, along with some reflective or light up gear. If any of your contact information has changed recently, be sure to update it with their microchip manufacturer.

We Are Here For You

We truly hope you can prevent an emergency with our Halloween pet safety tips. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at Berks Animal Emergency & Referral Center.