Veterinary Specialty Care Delivered on a Referral Basis

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Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center provides the medical and surgical care for your dogs and cats a regular vet office is not equipped to do. We do not provide general preventive care for our pet, instead we partner with you and your pet’s family veterinarian to provide the best health care possible.

There are many reasons to seek a referral to a specialist like us:

It is not mandatory to receive a written referral from your pet’s primary veterinarian. However, your pet’s family veterinarian often will refer you to us to provide advanced diagnostics and treatments. We take on patients that can benefit from the following types of services:

All of our referral specialty consultations are focused on providing the best possible health care for your pet. A rapid and accurate diagnosis ensures your pet will receive targeted treatment for their condition and obtain the best possible treatment results. You can expect the following from our referral service:

Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are accepting new clients, and welcome the opportunity to become a member of your pet’s healthcare team.