Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound Services Offered for Your Pet

referral ultrasound photo

Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center provides advanced veterinary ultrasound services at our Shillington, Pennsylvania hospital. Our emergency veterinarians can perform ultrasound services.

What to Expect At Your Ultrasound Referral Appointment

An ultrasound is typically requested to gain diagnostic information on your pet’s internal organs in the belly or the chest.

Our ultrasound referral services include a consultation with you and your pet. We will review your pet’s previous medical records including radiographs. Based on your pet’s family veterinarian’s request and our experience, we will perform the appropriate ultrasound study. The exam may include a complete scan of all organs of the belly or the chest.

Typical indications include screening for the following:

Ultrasound Results

The ultrasound procedure produces a moving image of the internal organs of your pet. The image is available for immediate evaluation. We will carefully discuss all of our findings directly with you, including a brief outline of what to expect next. We will call your pet’s primary veterinarian and discuss the finding and our recommendations, followed by a written report. This information will then be used by us or your regular vet to design a treatment plan for your pet.

We are an active member of any pet’s health care team. Let our veterinary staff be that for your beloved pet, too. Please contact us to schedule an ultrasound referral appointment.