Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center: Veterinary Diagnostics

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Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center provides advanced veterinary diagnostic tools focused on your pet’s emergency and specialty care needs. We have a variety of diagnostic tests available at our fingertips to accurately and rapidly evaluate your pet’s health condition.

Blood Tests

Blood tests provide valuable insight into your pet’s health. There are varieties of diagnostic tests that can be performed, such as standard blood chemistry or a complete blood count to assist our veterinarians in determining the underlying cause of your pet’s health condition. Blood chemistry allows us to study your pet’s internal organs, such as liver and kidneys. A complete blood count looks at red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.


A urinalysis evaluates the physical and chemical composition of your pet’s urine, and can provide important diagnostic information about condition of the urinary tract. Additionally, the urinalysis is an important part of the diagnostic evaluation for many diseases such as:

Fecal Examinations

Pets are susceptible to many types of intestinal parasites. These parasites are small, and they can infect your pet before symptoms appear. In some cases, these parasites can be transferred to other pets or humans in your family. We are able to perform a fecal exam on site, which allows us to rapidly diagnose any parasite issues in your pet.

Electrocardiograms (ECG)

An electrocardiogram provides diagnostic information on your pet’s heart. We provide ECG services on site.

Your pet’s health is important to us. We have designed our emergency and referral diagnostic services to cater to your pet’s health care needs. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.