Convenient In-house Veterinary Laboratory Promotes Rapid Results

in house laboratory photo

Berks Animal Emergency and Referral Center offers a convenient in-house veterinary laboratory, which promotes rapid and accurate diagnostic test results. Our veterinary team effectively performs a variety of diagnostic tests, with the goal of identifying the underlying cause of your pet’s health concern.

Common Laboratory Tests

A majority of the standard diagnostic tests can be evaluated while you wait, and our common laboratory tests include:

Anesthesia Safety Testing

We are ready to administer emergency and nonemergency surgical treatment to your pet. Your pet’s health and safety are our top concern, and we recommend blood work prior to anesthesia. The results will provide information necessary to verify that the liver and kidney function of your pet is within appropriate safety limits. This is important, as these organs are responsible for metabolizing the anesthesia out of your pet’s body. Additionally, the tests can detect any underlying infection that may be cause for concern.

Test Result Reporting

Our veterinary team will review and discuss the results of your pet’s tests with you. Together, we will craft an individualized treatment plan to address your pet’s health concerns. Additionally, we will coordinate with your pet’s family veterinarian to update your pet’s medical chart, and review any treatment administered at our center.

We strive to provide the latest in medical treatments and testing for your pet. In the event medication is prescribed, it can filled at our on-site veterinary pharmacy. Please contact us to schedule an appointment, or to discuss any questions you may have regarding your pet’s health.